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Our proven philosophy at HTX Living is the more we invest in our agents, the better experience our clients will have while we realize our values of:
  • Excellence
  • Professionalism
  • Knowledge
  • Uniqueness
  • Personal Service



We are proud of the special attention our boutique firm provides to its clients.  We extend the same approach when we provide training to our agents.  Our agents are provided with hands on knowledge and experience to be efficient and effective at assisting their clients.  In addition to comprehensive training resources both on-line and in-house, every agent has direct access to our broker, Jessica McCreary.  Jessica has over twelve years of experience in the business. Each client deserves a knowledgeable, well-trained agent to represent them. By providing you with industry-leading, comprehensive training, we’re not just ensuring your success - we’re making sure your clients succeed while keeping the protection of their current and future investment in mind. Whether it’s negotiating and writing contracts, building your base of contacts, or managing your online presence, our job is to make sure you’re always prepared.


Becoming a real estate entrepreneur shouldn't mean taking on every role by yourself. Whether it's help with contracts, marketing, technology, or just finding new ways to grow your business, we back up every agent with a staff that is happy to support you with social media, transaction management and office adminstration assistance.  We even have an in-house performance coach who understands the industry and our culture.  At HTX Living we are a family providing our agents with the support they need to be successful in their niche.   Setting you up for greatness is our job so you can get out there and take care of yours.


Success doesn't happen by accident - it takes organization, dedication, a proven system and backoffice support. Whether it's mass marketing, brokerage videos, branded market update videos, client management, or contract tracking, we have the resources you need to succeed including an in-house transaction coordinator and marketing assistant.  


While other brokerages are big and generic, HTX Living's culture and size positions us to provide a unique personal touch experience. We are there for eachother and often take a teaming approach to achieve our common goals while fulfilling our mutual interests.  At HTX Living our agents are family and we foster an environment that allows each agent's unique brand to shine. 


If you're already an agent, you know how hard it can be to build momentum in this business. Often a bit of guidance and back-up can reinvigorate an agent's career and help them reach their full potential.  If you feel like you've plateaued - like you're capable of more but just need a shove in the right direction - it’s time to join a brokerage that's passionate about your success.
Don't be just another agent with the others.  Let your unique brand grow with HTX Living.  We are ready for you!