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We believe that you shouldn’t even be doing the marketing for your business.

Do you know how valuable your time is, by the hour? 

The average in the US $25.45… Our agents average closer to $200 an hour.

I know… typically agent’s don’t even think about their income in terms of dollar per hour, but we believe it’s important.

It’s important because if you’re making a million dollars but staying up till 10:30 at night on your laptop while your significant other is watching a movie... 

What is the point of all the “freedom of owning your own business” thing?

We believe is using the power of PEOPLE to make everyone work less and make more.

The philosophy at our office is to take the work that isn’t worth $200 an hour off your to do list and handle them for you.

So if you’re making $200 an hour, and you spend 2 hours getting an initial on a purchase agreement that somehow the client missed while flipping through those pages… was it a good investment of your time?

Of course not!

Let our tools and systems take the stuff that you shouldn’t be doing anyway and let you focus on what you are best at.

Being of service to your client.

I would WAY rather you be out on the lake or on the course or at lunch with an old client, then sitting in the office sending docusigns.

Thats why we want to talk to you. We want to make your life easier, and help you reach your goals.

If you’re interested in learning how we can help you we’d love to be of service.

Just fill out the form above or reach out to our Director of Growth Julie Brown 702.375.6554, [email protected] and she’ll set up a time to have a conversation.

We want to help you discover and reach your goals.

Yours in service,

Kyle Northup

P.S. I didn’t even touch on the brand: it’s over 200 years of history, how it is the strongest real estate brand in the world (22,000 agents in 70 countries) and how clients equate it with Gucci and Crystal Cruises, but we’ll get into that if you fill out the form above.

P.P.S. Really there is no obligation, if you want to meet secretly under a freeway overpass we get it. We only want to work with people who want to work with us. We hope you’re one of them.