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Russell Real Estate Services

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We believe that work is a part of life, not all of it. We strive to create a cooperative culture where learning goes both ways - for all the training and guidance we provide, it's often our agents who have the most to teach us. And the bonds we build extends beyond 9 to 5 - we’re not simply looking for agents, we’re looking for people to who want to be a part of our family. 


Becoming your own boss shouldn't mean taking on every role by yourself. Whether it's help with contracts, marketing, technology, or just finding new ways to grow your business, we back up every agent with a staff of that is excited to support you. Setting you up for greatness is our job so you can get out there and take care of yours. You will have the support of your trainers, mentor, manager, brokers and the owners. We are a very "agent-centric" organization with a great culture to guide you to doing real estate the right way!


We believe every client deserves a knowledgeable, well-trained agent to represent them. By providing you with industry-leading, comprehensive training, we’re not just ensuring your success - we’re making sure your clients succeed while caring for our community in the process. 

Whether it’s negotiating and writing contracts, building your base of contacts, or managing your online presence, our job is to make sure you’re always prepared. Our Multi-Level Training covers all bases, from the basic to advanced. You will have access to the Russell Institute, Mentoring, Business Planning and Coaching. You will have exposure to national trainers on current subjects to help you with real estate today!


Unlike many other brokers, we prefer to make money with as opposed to making money on you. Few brokers even have a true "one stop shop" and if they do, they pressure their agents to only use their in house affiliations. At Russell we strive to earn your business with outstanding partnerships, products and service. We are constantly improving and fine tuning what we offer and we are one of the only brokers that actually share in those profits. That being said we are looking for agents and employees that want to be "partners in profit" that demonstrate great service and want to make money with us as well.


No one wins by accident - it takes organization, dedication, and a proven system. Whether it's mass marketing, client management, or contract tracking, we have the tools you need to succeed. If you’re still trying to manage your business from a spreadsheet, it’s time to see what you’ve been missing. 

We understand that technology is not everything, but it is still important! That being said we still have the greatest cutting edge technology that will enhance your communication and conversion of leads into clients. Russell pays for a full array of programs like KVCore, Core Fact Marketing, CloudCMA, Testimonial Tree, CORE Listing Machine, COREocial, TerraDatum, Dotloop Premium and Leading Real Estate Companies of the World - The #1 and most successful network of independent brokers in the world that sells more real estate in the world than any franchise or company.


If you're already an agent, you know how hard it can be to build momentum in this business. Often a bit of guidance and back-up can reinvigorate an agent's career and help them reach new heights. If you feel like you've plateaued - like you're capable of more but just need a shove in the right direction - it’s time to join a company that's passionate about your success.

Are you ready for more? Then we’re ready for you.