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Sha Fister

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Rector-Hayden, Realtors

1099 Duval Street Suite 250 Lexington KY 40515


At Rector Hayden, we believe every client deserves a knowledgeable, well-trained agent to represent them. Whether it’s negotiating and writing contracts, building your base of contacts, or managing your online presence, our job is to make sure you’re always prepared. By providing you with industry-leading, comprehensive training, we’re not just ensuring your success - we’re making sure your clients succeed while caring for our community in the process.


Becoming your boss shouldn't mean taking on every role by yourself. Whether it helps with contracts, marketing, technology, or just finding new ways to grow your business, we back up every agent with a staff that is excited to support you. Setting you up for greatness is our job, so you can get out there and take care of yourself.


No one wins by accident - it takes organization, dedication, and a proven system. Whether it's mass marketing, client management, or contract tracking, we have the tools you need to succeed. If you’re still trying to manage your business from a spreadsheet, it’s time to see what you’ve been missing. We have a full-service staff who provide training on our CRM and marketing platforms to help you get LEADS! 


We believe that work is a part of life, not all of it. We strive to create a collaborative culture where learning goes both ways - for all the training and guidance we provide. And the bonds we build extends beyond 9 to 5 - we’re not simply looking for agents; we’re looking for people who want to be a part of our Rector Hayden family.


If you're already an agent, you know how hard it can be to build momentum in this business. Often a bit of guidance and backup can reinvigorate an agent's career and help them reach new heights. If you feel like you've plateaued - like you're capable of more but need a shove in the right direction - it’s time to join a company that wants to see you succeed because who you're with matters.