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RE/MAX IMPACT, 1027 East 9th Street, Lockport, IL 60441, USA

Growth Minded Entrepreneurs Welcome!

New Licensees, Real Estate Professionals and Existing Brokerages want better support.
At RE/MAX IMPACT we welcome real estate professionals and REALTORS® who are committed to excellence every day.   We focus on QUALITY over Quantity.  Whether you are a new broker or an experienced one - we help real estate professionals master their skills using powerful tools, systems, technology, support and coaching to help them work smarter, not harder.
We treat all of our Clients with Honesty, Integrity, and Professionalism. We understand that our Brokers are our Client, so we set out to exceed your expectations. Although we are not perfect, we strive to give you the perfect environment to thrive in.  We are family owned and operated and pride ourselves having a welcoming supportive office environment where our Brokers understand the power of positive thinking and possess a "Put me in Coach"  attitude.  
Whether you want to produce $2 million, $5 million, $15 million or more - we are dedicated to support you!
We are not like the others, and neither are you.   Each  person joining our team have different needs.  Our training is agent-centric and we focus on what you need.  We believe every client we serve deserves a knowledgeable, well-trained broker to represent them. By providing you with industry-leading, comprehensive training, we’re not just ensuring your success - we’re making sure your clients are more than satisfied with their home selling or buying needs.  Whether it’s negotiating and writing contracts, building your base of contacts, or managing your online presence, our job is to make sure you’re always prepared.  We don't demand you sit in training for weeks or years on end but we do take an intrinsic approach to broker development.  
We all start  from somewhere, right?!  We back every broker on our team with support as they need it.  Whether you need help with contracts, marketing, technology, or just finding new ways to grow your business, we back up every agent and are excited to support you.   We want to see you get your business up and running in the shortest time possible, so we focus on setting you up with the tools you need to begin connecting with potential clients on day 1.   That's right.  We give you a push in the right direction and show you the ropes.  Setting you up for greatness is our job so you can get out there and take care of yours.  .     
We know what it takes to build a stable referral business that will continue to reward you for years to come.  That's what we want you to get from your business.   Being your own boss shouldn't be intimidating. Having built our businesses in one of the worst recessions our country has ever seen we learned quite a few things along the way.  Knowing you have the right tools and right support will take you far.  Whether you are taking baby steps or long strides to fast growth, our solid foundation, training and tools will serve you well to enjoy a successful real estate business for years to come,
Better Tools Build Better Businesses.  No one wins by accident - it takes organization, dedication, and a proven system.  Whether it's mass marketing, client management, or contract tracking, we have all the tools you need to succeed to  create a consistent income in your real estate business.  Technology driven tools for Designing Marketing Pieces, Training 24/7 and Lead Generation systems are available with a click of the mouse or via our mobile apps.   If you’re still trying to manage your business from a spreadsheet, it’s time to see what you’ve been missing.
RE/MAX IMPACT is family owned and operated, and quality of life is #1 for us.  We believe that work is a part of life, not all of it. We strive to create a cooperative culture where learning goes both ways - for all the training and guidance we provide, it's often our brokers who have the most to teach us.   We are collaborative and welcoming and want to see you living your best life.   Our brokers are supportive of each other and we don't have the typical "water cooler talk" you may find elsewhere. We’re not simply looking for brokers, we’re looking for people who care. 
If you're already a  broker, you know it can be a challenge to build momentum in this business. Often a bit of guidance and back-up reinvigorates or launches a broker's career. If you feel like you've plateaued - like you're capable of more but just need a shove in the right direction - it’s time to join a company that's passionate about your success.  If you are happy with your achievements and want to take your business even further, we are confident our tools will get you there.   So jump in, roll up those sleeves and let's take your business to new heights.   
What do you need?   Are you ready for more?  Then we’re ready for you.  Connect with us today.
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