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KW Vaca Valley

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2020 is a year of change at KW Vaca Valley. New leadership, new technology, new direction, and a renewed vesting in the lives of our agents. 

Relationship Based Technology Enhanced

Real estate is about relationships. The best ones become reciprocal; the more you put into them, the more you get out of them. When technology was added to the equation, sustaining those relationships became more challenging, so we pivoted toward agent-directed tech to prioritize relationships and benefit everyone who touches real estate.
We started with two clear goals in mind: to keep the agent as the fiduciary at the center of the transaction, and to create an experience that better serves the clients who trust them with the biggest investments of their lives.
We cemented bonds between people, data, systems, and communication, creating a journey that has no end. Today, we honor agents and consumers by supporting them with groundbreaking tech to fuel their future.

Excellence Through Training

At KW Vaca Valley we want our training to benefit you as our partner in business. We don't want our agents becoming professional trainees but rather purposeful business owners. That's why we will help you find the right Agent Curriculum Path for your specific business needs. Your path to success is our priority.

A Culture of Shared Prosperity

The most valuable asset in the real estate business is its people. More than 30 years ago, KW made it a commitment to share its profits with its associates. In 2019 Keller Williams shared over $167 Million with their business partners and more than $1.37 BILLION in the history of the company. 

A Company for Agents by Agents

Keller Williams believes that their agents should have a say in how their company is ran. That is why Gary Keller created the Associate Leadership Council or ALC.  The ALC was created to build a company that no one would ever want to or need to leave. It was designed to put the mission statement into action. The ALC's primary purpose is to help our agents and our Market Center thrive. They are here to be your voice in the company. 

Let Us Help You

To build CAREERS worth having, BUSINESSES worth owning, LIVES worth living,
EXPERIENCES worth giving, and LEGACIES worth leaving.