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Future Proof Your Business

We believe that real estate is about relationships – a journey that starts with a handshake. That’s why we create technology that ensures these relationships will endure and grow, helping you shape your business into one that flourishes, one life-changing client experience at a time. 

Success leaves clues

Whether it’s sharing profits, growing your team or ensuring your business knows no boundary, we’re invested in your success every step of the way. Our storied past was built by keeping agents at the forefront of every effort, and we continue to grow by being in tune with what makes your business thrive. 

KW Culture

With a blend of a top-down business model, and a bottom-up approach to decision making, Keller Williams Realty will always separate itself from the competition. So much so, that Stanford Business school has completed two case studies on KW, one in 2007 and the other in 2011 all around their unique approach to building and creating their culture.
According to Vice Chairman Mo Anderson, the culture is “the glue that holds it all together.” In the words of the former executive, “It's very difficult to separate the culture and the systems, because the systems are written for the culture and the culture exists for the systems.”

Associate Leadership Council (ALC)

Keller Williams is a known purveyor of progress – and that extends beyond the real estate transaction. The ALC was created to give you a voice in the direction, growth, and profitability of our company. We believe in working together every step of the way and providing an open forum for you to share your opinions and ideas. 

Teams Model

We invest in recruiting for, training to, and honing individual strengths to build power teams capable of achieving feats of greatness. 

Expansion Sytems

 When you’ve maximized your potential in one area of the market, we give you the tools to expand into others, ensuring your business is truly without borders. 

Training and Coaching

“Training fuels all of our success,” said KW MAPS Coaching CEO Dianna Kokoszka.
Providing education to associates is a core belief of Keller Williams that drives the success of the company and its associates. Keller Williams has more than 160,000 real estate agents, operating in over 800 offices across the globe and is now the #1 Real Estate company in the US in Agent Count, Units Closed and Closed Volume. To ensure that the most effective models and systems are included in training materials, Keller Williams constantly renews its training programs. Information compiled from the proven models and systems of top agents and leaders in the field are incorporated into training programs.
“Because of our focus on training, we attract more agents than any other real estate franchise,” President John Davis said. “As a commissioned-based industry, our challenge is to guide thousands of associates through our training programs so they can get into production quickly and build their businesses. This creates more opportunities for them and more opportunities for their families.”
In 2015, Training Magazine named Keller Williams Realty the No. 1 training company across all industries.

Tech Enabled Agent

 The tech-enabled agent demands that their technology not replace them, but help them be ‘more’ … more trusted, more present, more everything. By joining forces with us, you’ll gain access to a powerful, interconnected technology suite that helps you do just that.   Technology is continuing to transform the ways in which real estate professionals communicate with their clients and how buyers search for homes. The agents at Keller Williams Realty, are driving technology development groups that are on the forefront of advances and will continue to sharpen their competitive edge.  

“Keller Williams is determined to stay ahead of the curve to provide the most services and support in the industry to our entire network – especially in today’s real estate climate.” -Mark Willis, former CEO of Keller Williams Realty

Wealth-Building Opportunities

Since the agents are the partners and stakeholders, Keller Williams Realty created a unique wealth building platform that rewards associates who contribute to the growth and profitability of each market center. In the United States and Canada it's called profit share; and across the world it's called, growth share.
Since profit share began in 1989, Keller Williams has shared more than half a billion dollars to it's associates. In 2015, the company had it's largest year to date, at over $1 Billion shared.

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