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Hoven Real Estate

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Hoven Real Estate was founded by 2 guys who are real estate investors and entreuprenuers. We never understood the standard broker/agent model of paying a commission split. As a Realtor, you are self employed, your success is determined almost entirely by your effort. Why should a brokerage take 20%, 30%, 40% of the commissions you earned? With our model, you will  earn thousands more per year!


Becoming your own boss shouldn't mean doing it all by yourself. Whether it's help with contracts, marketing, technology, or just finding new ways to grow your business, we're here to help. Every Hoven agent has Scott's personel cell number and can reach out for help at any time. 


No one wins by accident - it takes organization, dedication, and a proven system. Whether it's mass marketing, client management, or contract tracking, we have the tools you need to succeed. If you’re still trying to manage your business from a spreadsheet, it’s time to see what you’ve been missing. We are 100% paperless and a cloud based brokerage(but we also have a retail presence!)


We encourage our agents to invest in themselves, their careers and in real estate. Using the money you'd save from your current broker you can invest in yourself! What would your business look like if you invested thousands of dollars per year into lead generation or marketing! We've seen many of our agents, double and triple their business investing in themselves. We also encourage all of our agents to invest in real estate. If you decide to flip houses, invest in long term rentals, buy multi family properties or wholesale to other investors, we want to assist, teach and even partner with you.


It can be hard it can be to build momentum in this business. Often a bit of guidance and back-up can reinvigorate an agent's career and help them reach new heights. If you feel like you've plateaued - like you're capable of more but just need a shove in the right direction - it’s time to join a company that's passionate about your success.
Are you ready for more? Then we’re ready for you.