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Director Of National Growth

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Agent Inc

3500 East Coast Highway, Corona Del Mar, CA 92625, USA

A Titan of Real Estate

Agent Inc has surged past all of the other brokerages to become an extremely competitive real estate company in the U.S.. We are now leading the charge in everything from agent satisfaction to closed sales volume per agent. Using forward-thinking marketing tactics and world-class mentorship programs, we'll ensure that you have everything you need to succeed in this industry.

Excellence Through Training

In 2017, Agent Inc's CEO, John McMonigle, began expanding a new model he'd developed as a Team Leader to hold powerful conversations with all agents using market center leadership. In 2018, the company launched the Career Growth Initiative (CGI), using proven systems, models, and conversations to boost production and energize agents' businesses. The results, as they say, speak for themselves.

A Culture of Shared Prosperity

The most valuable asset in the real estate business is its people. Which is why John has made a commitment to his people and introduced a new growth sharing-system he coined "Revenue-Share." Unlike profit share, "Revenue-Share" comes straight from the untapped reserves of the brokerage, so you get more than you would with the profit-share model that all the other brokerages have adopted!

Leading with Technology

In order to lead the industry by developing a real estate platform which buyers and sellers prefer, Agent Inc has decided to invest a significant portion of its resources into technology and marketing. By introducing realty platforms and ancillary services that utilize cutting-edge technology, Agent Inc provides agents with data, consumer insights, and marketing resources to help you build a real estate business without boundaries. You'll find Agent Inc coming up with strategies that no one else has, ranging from luxury magazines showcasing your business, to compelling commercials broadcasted toward high net-worth individuals.